School Management

School Management

The AISIS (Auto Integrate Student Information System) is an Enterprise Resource Planning, Is more of a long-term commitment than the integrated and specialized software solution for any educational institution for providing students, faculty, and staff with highly effective tools to help them support and improvise on learning, discovery, and engagement.

Highlight Features

  • Multi branch/ company support and Legal Entities.
  • SMS & Email notification support.
  • Multi Languages (Arabic, English and more).
  • Multi-currency support over all modules.
  • Full Web based solution.
  • Multi Approval definition over all module.
  • Full integrated solution.
  • End user Report Engine design tools (Support MS world template).
  • Audit Log and transaction log on user & transaction level.

School Management Modules & features

  • Workflow.
  • Placement Exam and Interview.
  • Customizable as per school standards.
  • Grade Book.
  • Transcript.
  • Schedules.
  • Classes and Semesters.
  • Fee classification.
  • Expense and Incomes.
  • Easy fee submission process.
  • Routes for vehicles.
  • Vehicles Details.
  • Transport Details.
  • Transport fee Facility.
  • Student CV.
  • Staff CV.
  • Visitor CV.
  • Student Log in.
  • Staff Log in.
  • Faculty Log in.
  • Security on Portals.
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