Charity Website

Charity Website

Compass provides a charity Website The Website includes charitable services that contribute to facilitating charity work first and second is a radical change in the scope of work from routine paperwork to electronic work. The charity Website is an integrated system of charitable work for associations in terms of providing Aids and follow-up donors and sponsors of projects and beneficiaries.

Highlight Features

  • An integrated multi-Departments.
  • Easy registration and making files for beneficiaries and donors.
  • Easy communication with associations through smart connectivity.
  • Facilitate employee work by canceling paper applications and turning them into electronic applications.
  • Website design with .NET.
  • Connectivity Link with Google Analysis and SEO.
  • Transfer data directly to the main system.
  • Possibility of linking with electronic payment services.

Charity Management Modules & features

  • The portals section includes donor operations of reporting, financial deductions and beneficiary operations of Aids requests.
  • The possibility of direct communication through the site with the times and places of donation campaigns supported by the Association. Where can receive donations through the wallet of donors or through electronic payment.
  • The site enables the possibility of direct electronic donation of cases or campaigns where the system supports all methods of payment by cards or money transfers.
  • The e-coupons section enables donors to make a donation by selecting the type of donation coupon and determining the method of payment through Visa card or personal wallet.
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