Charity Portals

Charity Portals

The Compass system for charitable portals enables us to communicate with sponsors by sending periodic reports on cases. The system also includes a section providing Aids or sponsorship through in the system and the selection of types of aids in charity portals. Registering beneficiaries in the system with the possibility of creating a personal wallet through which funds are transferred and received.

Highlight Features

  • Easy to use and handle the device.
  • Possibility of Geolocation on Google map.
  • Ability to communicate with users directly.
  • Facilitate work by reducing the cost of printing paper coupons.
  • Supports internet service.
  • Print all types of coupons.
  • Transfer data directly to the main system.
  • Send messages to donors after the donation.
  • Supports different payment methods (Visa Card, MasterCard).

Charity Management Modules & features

  • submit requests for Aids through charitable portals. Allows beneficiaries to choose the type of Aids to be classified and study requests by type of aids.
  • Personal accounts are made for each donor to enable the donor to view specific details such as periodic orphan reports.
  • The system allows the creating of a personal wallet for each beneficiary or donor on the system. Donations and payments can be deposited in personal accounts and the possibility of withdrawing funds from them.
  • The system enables access to periodic and interactive reports directly after entering the personal accounts of donors or beneficiaries.
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