Charity ChatBOT

Charity ChatBOT

Compass offers messaging service via WhatsApp. The service enables the sending of the maximum number of messages to users with the possibility of automatic reply to the recipients of messages. WhatsApp service can be configured to receive and send messages interactively to suit the nature of the work. WhatsApp service is an innovative service through the mechanism of automatic reply to messages to enable the user to know specific details through the service.

Highlight Features

  • Easy handling of the service.
  • The possibility of receiving and sending messages through the service.
  • Innovative service in terms of usage and communication mechanism.
  • Facilitate the employee work through automated response to requests received.
  • Unlimited number of SMS.
  • Make a setting for an automatic reply to messages.
  • Transfer data directly to the main system.
  • Multi-users.

Charity Management Modules & features

  • The possibility of communication with the sponsors through the service and WhatsApp through the receipt of reports and notifications by the sponsors.
  • Communicate with donors by sending messages and reminders of payment times and payments.
  • The system enables messages to be sent collectively to donors to promote donation campaigns, time and locations.
  • Collectively send to donors who wish to donate to a specific case after receiving the details of the case through the service to facilitate the process of donation faster and easy.
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